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Would you pay to use Twitter? The popular micro-blogging platform is reportedly looking at introducing alternative ways to rake in more revenue, with a subscription model being one possibility.

The move is aimed at making the social network less reliant on targeted advertising.

According to Bloomberg, The subscription model has garnered increasing support over the last several month’s thanks to the pandemic and pressure from activist investors.

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“Twitter, the thinking goes, would benefit from a separate revenue stream that isn’t as reliant on brand advertising,” Bloomberg said. “The company’s user base in the U.S., its most valuable market, has also started to plateau, meaning it can’t rely on simply adding users to juice revenue.”

Twitter is also rumored to be exploring a few different ideas including introducing “tipping,” which would allow users to pay people for exclusive content.

The social network might also introduce charges to use services like TweetDeck, its own social media dashboard application for the management of Twitter accounts.

According to XDA, Twitter might also add a fee that would give Twitter users (Tweeps) access to premium features, like a new “undo send” button and advanced profile customization options.

Other possible premium features include high-quality video uploads and more in-depth analytic tools, and a feed that’s ad-free.

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