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Apple’s WWDC keynote unveiled a massive update for iOS 18, putting a strong emphasis on Apple (read artificial) Intelligence and a wave of new features designed to personalize your iPhone experience. Here’s a breakdown of the key highlights:

A New Era of Intelligence: Apple Intelligence

The centerpiece of iOS 18 is Apple Intelligence, a beta feature arriving soon. This AI system promises to learn your routines, preferences, and habits to offer relevant suggestions and assistance throughout the day. Imagine features that anticipate your needs, streamline your workflow, and make using your iPhone even more intuitive.

Kindly note that the Apple intelligence feature will be available on iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Enhanced Communication and Creativity

iOS 18 brings a suite of features designed to enhance the way you communicate and express yourself. New writing tools include summarization to help you condense lengthy text and notification prioritization to keep you focused on what matters most. Feeling creative? Generate unique emoji reactions (genmoji) or create personalized visuals with the new Image Playground feature. Siri also gets a major upgrade, leveraging advanced language understanding and integrating with Apple Intelligence to become a more helpful and context-aware companion.

Personalization Powerhouse

You can now take control of your iPhone experience like never before. Rearrange apps and widgets on your Home Screen to create a layout that perfectly matches your style. Personalize app icons and widgets with a wider range of color options and sizing for a truly unique look. Need to keep sensitive apps and information protected? iOS 18 introduces two new security features that allow you to lock or hide apps. Finally, the Control Center gets a makeover, allowing you to access controls with a single swipe and customize their layout for ultimate convenience.

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Photos Get a Massive Makeover

Apple’s says this is their biggest Photos redesign ever. From automatic organization by themes like “Recent Days” and “People & Pets.” to discovering your best shots highlighted in a beautiful “Carousel” view, showcasing your most treasured memories in a visually stunning way, the new photos app promises a big revamp

Messaging Gets Playful and Functional

Messaging in iOS 18 is all about adding personality and functionality. You can now liven up your texts with playful animations on letters, words, or emojis, express yourself further with the ability to Tapback with any emoji or sticker to perfectly capture your reaction.

The app also gets the ability to schedule messages for birthdays or other important occasions. And for those times you’re truly off the grid, iOS 18 introduces Messages via Satellite, allowing you to stay connected even without Wi-Fi or cellular service (availability details to be confirmed).

Finally, mentioned just briefly is iOS will now have RCS messaging support for non-iMessage users.

There’s so much more to explore in iOS 18. Stay tuned for future articles where we’ll deep dive into features like smarter Mail management, a redesigned Safari experience, a secure hub for all your passwords, and a suite of upgrades designed to make your iPhone the perfect outdoor adventure companion. We’ll also explore the exciting new features coming to the Notes app, the Journal app designed to enhance your well-being, and how the Apple TV app and Home app are getting smarter with features like InSight and enhanced dialogue clarity.

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