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Xiaomi, the electronics giant known for its smartphones, is shaking up the electric vehicle (EV) market with the official launch of its much-awaited Speed Ultra 7 (SU7) sedan. The SU7 boasts impressive specs, aggressive pricing, and bold ambitions to challenge established luxury brands.

Xiaomi’s EV Vision: Premium Experience, Competitive Price

Lei Jun, Chairman and CEO of Chinese electronics company Xiaomi, presents the new electric car Xiaomi SU7 model at a launch event in Beijing on March 28, 2024.

Xiaomi founder and CEO, Lei Jun, envisions the SU7 as a “dream car” that delivers the elegance and performance of Porsche and Tesla models at a more accessible price point. The SU7’s starting price of 215,900 yuan ($29,874) significantly undercuts the Tesla Model 3, while its premium features give it an edge over budget domestic EVs.

The SU7 will sell for 215,900 yuan ($29,874) to 299,900 yuan ($41,497).

Key Features and Outstanding Performance

  • Competitive Pricing: SU7’s pricing undercuts even affordable Chinese EV brands.
  • Dream Car Aspirations: Xiaomi’s bold comparison to Porsche and Tesla underscores their high ambitions.
  • Impressive Range: The standard SU7 boasts a 700 km (435 miles) range, outdoing the long-range Tesla Model 3.
  • Rapid Sales Success: Over 50,000 SU7 orders in under 30 minutes highlights consumer enthusiasm.

Xiaomi’s entry into the EV market comes at a time of fierce competition in China. Subsidy cuts and slowing demand have triggered price wars and squeezed profit margins. But Xiaomi’s brand recognition and reputation for value could give it a fighting chance.

Xiaomi acknowledges the need to learn from industry leaders like Tesla and Porsche to build exceptional EVs. This indicates a humble, long-term strategy rather than immediate dominance.

Beyond Smartphones: Xiaomi’s $10 Billion Bet

The SU7 represents just the beginning of Xiaomi’s ambitious EV venture, backed by a $10 billion investment in a dedicated EV subsidiary. This signifies the company’s serious commitment to the automotive sector and a desire to diversify its portfolio.

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