Twitter users can now pin chats to the top of their DMs for easier access. In its announcement, the social networking site says up to six DM chats can be pinned at the top.

A new “pin” option is now available when you swipe right on any chat. This means that even if you get more messages in the future, you can keep that chat at the top of your stream.

As of now, users could search for followers or closest friends in their DMs using @usernames. Twitter has also been experimenting with an even more advanced DM search feature that would allow you to search for specific keywords in DM content.

Twitter Adds Option to Pin DM Chats in Order to Keep Track of Key Conversations - NeomVisions

In 2021, Twitter added a much-anticipated feature to its direct messaging service. It gave users the ability to send tweets directly to a group of individuals in a single chat. It also started grouping messages by day instead of timestamping individual tweets to “avoid timestamp clutter.”

It’s not out of the question that Twitter will continue to roll out new DM features in the coming months. Last year, it acquired two messaging platforms, Sphere and Quill. Both Sphere and Quill employees were incorporated into Twitter, with the former Quill crew focusing on messaging especially.

Despite the fact that messaging isn’t the core function of Twitter, it’s a vital component for organisations that want to handle interactions with consumers and clients via tweets, which sometimes contain sensitive information, such as order data or accounts. While 73% of users are more inclined to tweet a brand in order to receive a response, 52% of users are more likely to DM a brand account when it comes to more personal information.

With the ability to pin selected chats, you can better manage these kinds of interactions and ensure prompt responses. Users can access the feature on their mobile devices (Android and iOS), as well as on their desktop computers.

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