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You may soon have to pay to watch 4K quality videos on YouTube. Users on reddit have revealed via screenshots the feature which makes 4K quality exclusive to premium subscribers.

YouTube Premium is a monthly paid subscription that goes for Sh 1200. Premium subscribers also get to enjoy ad-free viewing, and video and song downloads for offline watching, users can also play videos in the background while using other apps.

The new features in testing including multiple unskippable ads are meant to bring in more revenue for the Alphabet-owned video platform and creators.

Speaking of revenue, YouTube has been reiterating that Africans are not using the platform to its full advantage in Africa. According to the Head of YouTube Music Business and Partnership in Sub-Saharan Africa Addy Awofisayo, Kenya leads in the consumption of content, but creators are not using this to their advantage.

The move also comes just a few months after YouTube Vanced which added features like ad blocking, background playback, and many more without charging users like YouTube’s Premium tier was been officially shut down.

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