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YouTube is currently testing an update to its YouTube Studio app that will let users upload and manage podcasts. This is part of its continued expansion into the podcasting space, which the video service introduced last year. The addition of a podcasting feature to YouTube Studio is a positive step in the right direction for the platform as it expands to cater to the growing needs of its users. In this article, we will explore YouTube’s new podcasting feature and how it could benefit podcast creators and listeners.

Creating and Managing Podcasts on YouTube Studio

Podcast creators will be pleased to learn that YouTube has made it easier to upload and manage their podcasts on the platform. Users can upload podcasts through the ‘Create’ tab in YouTube Studio. Additionally, there is a new ‘Podcasts’ tab in the ‘Content’ menu where users can view and manage all their podcasts. This makes it simpler for creators to distribute their podcasts on YouTube, reducing the number of steps required to get content online.

YouTube is also experimenting with podcast analytics, which will reveal information about a podcast’s performance that is not applicable to videos. This feature will make it easier for creators to track their podcast content separately from their video uploads.

Diversifying YouTube’s Media Offerings

YouTube’s move into the podcasting space is a logical step to diversify its media offerings. Although videos will always be a major part of YouTube, it is clear that people are also interested in listening to music on the platform, with over 77 million paying subscribers on YouTube Music.

YouTube’s expansion into the podcasting space makes sense, as many of its most successful creators already host their own podcasts. By adding podcasting features to its Studio app, YouTube is catering to the growing needs of its users, giving them an alternative to traditional video content.

Benefits of Podcasting on YouTube

Podcasting on YouTube has several benefits, especially for creators who already have a substantial following on the platform. They can now easily leverage their existing audience to promote their podcast content, making it simpler to get their podcast in front of new listeners.

For listeners, having access to podcasts on YouTube means they can enjoy the convenience of accessing all their favorite content in one place. They can now subscribe to their favorite podcasters and receive notifications whenever new content is released. This is especially useful for users who already spend a significant amount of time on YouTube and don’t want to switch to another platform to listen to podcasts.

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