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In a move to simplify video production and sharing, YouTube has launched a new app called YouTube Create. The app is designed to provide content creators with a suite of easy-to-use tools for creating both Shorts and longer videos.

The app offers a range of editing tools, allowing creators to add clips, preview splits, and trim their clips. It also provides thousands of stickers, GIFs, and effects.

One of the standout features of YouTube Create is its access to YouTube’s library of royalty-free tracks. Creators can choose from thousands of songs to complement their videos. The tool also matches the beats of the song to the video clips and can do audio cleanup to remove unwanted background sounds.

Once the video is ready, creators can automatically generate captions that can be added to the video with a tap of a button. They can then export the final product directly to their YouTube channel.

The new app is initially available for Android and is launching into beta starting today across eight markets worldwide. The company says it will continue to expand the app with more features and bring it to more creators over time.

This launch marks a significant step forward in empowering content creators. By providing an easy-to-use platform with robust editing tools, YouTube is making video creation more accessible than ever.

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