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YouTube Music has recently announced the launch of podcasts on its platform for Android, iOS, and web users in the United States. This development comes as no surprise, as YouTube’s podcasting head, Kai Chuk, had previously hinted at such a possibility. The addition of podcasts is expected to strengthen YouTube Music’s position in the market as it competes with other music streaming giants like Spotify and Apple Music. In this article, we will explore this new feature, how it works, and what it means for both users and podcast creators.

The Launch of Podcasts on YouTube Music

The new update will enable users to listen to podcasts on-demand, offline, and in the background while also casting and switching between audio and video versions of the podcast on YouTube Music. These features are available to all users, regardless of whether they have a YouTube Premium subscription. This podcast listening experience complements the existing podcast video experience on YouTube.

Podcasts can be found on the YouTube Music Home tab, where users will find a dedicated “Podcasts” tab that displays a personalized feed of their favorite podcasts and recommended episodes. For creators who produce audio-only podcasts, YouTube advises uploading a video with a static image or using audiograms or other dynamic video formats. The platform plans to offer creators the option to upload audio podcasts directly via RSS feeds to both YouTube and YouTube Music soon.

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YouTube’s Podcasting Strategy

Unlike Spotify, YouTube is not currently looking to sign exclusive deals with podcasters. The platform focuses on integrating the podcast listening experience with video and audio content, benefiting both YouTube and podcast creators. YouTube has over 2 billion global users and offers various features, such as YouTube Shorts, for easy sharing of podcast clips. This move diversifies YouTube Music’s content and caters to users who enjoy both music and podcasts, increasing user engagement, as podcasts usually have longer listening times than individual songs. Additionally, advertising opportunities within podcasts can provide revenue for both YouTube and creators.

Availability and Future Plans

At present, the podcast feature is gradually rolling out to YouTube Music listeners in the US, with plans to expand to users outside the country in the near future. No specific launch details have been provided for other regions. As YouTube Music continues to develop its podcast offering, exclusive deals, and creator programs tailored specifically for podcasters may be introduced. Podcasters who get involved early and consistently can increase their chances of gaining direct access to YouTube’s podcast creator team and benefiting from new features and exclusive opportunities.

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