A native YouTube picture-in-picture (PiP) mode is finally here. The most popular video streaming platform has started rolling out support for PiP mode on iOS and iPadOS.

This means that iPhone and iPad users will now be able to watch videos on YouTube while using other apps simultaneously.

But there’s a catch! For now, only YouTube users in the US will be able to access the native YouTube PiP mode.

There’s more, the feature is being rolled out only to YouTube Premium users.

This means that only YouTube users based in the United States can access the PiP mode on their iPhones and iPads and they have to be paying for YouTube premium.

“Picture-in-Picture (PiP) allows users to watch YouTube videos in a small mini player while simultaneously browsing outside of the YouTube app on their mobile device. We’re starting to roll out PiP for YouTube Premium members on iOS and plan to launch PiP for all US iOS users as well,” YouTube confirmed in a tatement to journalists.

Apple brought PiP video support to iPads with iOS 9 and iPhones with iOS 14, but the YouTube app has been slow to adopt the mode.

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