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YouTube is allegedly working on an update that could soon let you watch up to four live streams simultaneously in a new feature called “Mosaic Mode”

According to Protocol, this was leaked in a non-public presentation Google gave to its smart TV hardware partners. The presentation also discussed optimizations coming for YouTube Shorts on the big screen, as well as new YouTube Music functionality.

Mosaic Mode is likely to eventually arrive on non-Android smart TVs from Samsung and LG given that Google likes to keep its services consistent across different hardware.

Other new features detailed in the presentation include optimizations for YouTube Shorts. The report says that the YouTube Shorts interface on smart TVs could eventually ditch the scroll bar used to scrub through traditional YouTube videos, and also offer quick access to thumbs up and thumbs down buttons.

Although YouTube Shorts are currently watchable in YouTube’s app on some smart TVs (such as LG’s) they play using a standard YouTube interface that’s not well-suited for their short-form style.

Finally, YouTube Music also has a couple of new features on the way for smart TVs, like the ability for subscribers to browse and add playlists and albums to their libraries.

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