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Showmax 2.0, the highly anticipated revamp of the popular streaming platform, launched with much fanfare. While the revamped user interface and expanded content library hold promise, early user feedback reveals several issues that require attention. I have been using the beta version of Showmax for a while but it was only available on web, now that I have all the apps, I can give my own feedback as well regarding the new experience.

A Mixed Bag of User Experiences

Despite the excitement surrounding its launch, Showmax 2.0 currently stands with a 3.2-star rating on the Play Store, a significant drop from the previous version’s 4.4 stars. User reviews highlight a range of concerns, including:

  • Technical glitches: Lagging, crashes, and sudden app closures disrupt the viewing experience.
  • UI/UX challenges: The new interface, while visually appealing, can be challenging to navigate, for instance, the fast-forward mechanics are just janky.
  • Content inconsistencies: While the overall content library has expanded, specific aspects like local TV shows and previous seasons of ongoing series are currently missing, leaving some viewers disappointed.
  • Subtitles not universal: Some crucial international shows lack subtitles, hindering accessibility for users who rely on them.
  • 4K still a future promise: Despite promises of enhanced streaming quality, 4K resolution remains unavailable, disappointing users expecting a significant visual upgrade.


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Sports Fans Feeling Left Out

One particularly noticeable concern arises from sports enthusiasts. While Showmax 2.0 advertised streamlined integration of sports content, sporting events remain accessible only on mobile devices, and this is just Premier League matches. This limited availability and platform segregation frustrate fans accustomed to watching sports on their larger TV screens.

Perhaps before you spend your hard-earned money on the new Showmax, you should wait a little so they can fix these issues, and if you are a sports fan, you best look elsewhere.

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