Audiomack has announced its latest integration with Linktree, the market-leading linking platform in order to allow their users to add Audiomack players to their Linktree.

Creators can now display full-length tracks from playlists, albums, and songs from Audiomack so that fans can stream directly and instantly. Audiomack players can be added alone or as part of a Music Link.

To get started, simply add the Audiomack URL of a song, album, or playlist to your Linktree.

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By harnessing easy discovery, accessibility, and community, Audiomack via Linktree is a key tool for independent artists.

Nick Rizzuto, Head of Product Partnerships & Innovation for Linktree said, “Linktree has always been deeply inspired by the music space and focused on developing a product and integrating services which improve functionality for artists and fans alike. Through our music feature updates and partnerships, Linktree continues to find ways to provide value to our creators, and ensure we’re offering the most innovative option for all artists to monetize, connect with fans, and effortlessly share their talent.”

This Linktree integration comes after our launch of the Audiomack Creator App, which allows users to upload and control their career right from your phone

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